The Collage Art Collective
The Collage Art Collective
Margarete Miller

Come sit with us!

Join us as we explore collage art projects and challenges.

** The Vintage & Collage Club is closed until September **

What's special about the Vintage & Collage Club?

The Vintage & Collage Club is a monthly membership for a community of artists who are life-long learners and who love to create collage art. They are open to new experiences and have the desire to share what they have learned with others, so that all of us have the ability to continue to evolve. 

What's special about this community is that there are lots of opportunities to find projects, and ideas -- all revolving around collage art -- to interest you and encourage you to create. 

That, coupled with an amazing community of curious and supportive creatives, in a distraction-free environment, makes it a place that is inclusive and inspiring.

In the membership, here's what you get access to every month:

About me

I love to create collage art and to share what I make with others. I love giving people ideas and motivation to make something -- anything. I also want to continue to be inspired and encouraged to create. This creative collage art community is something I choose to put time and effort into building because I know I can learn as much from you as you can from me.

Here are a few things about me and my art style:

  • I love vintage ephemera, and collaging with vintage papers
  • I'm crazy about using postage stamps in my collages
  • Very often I use rubber stampings

The online class - Collage Art Basics

If you are interested in learning the basics of collage art and want to fill your own gluebook, completing the 10 lessons in this class will boost your confidence in your own collage work.

 Here are some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to collage with leaving white space on your page

  • Why it's important not to leave any paper elements "floating"

  • How positioning determines prominence of one piece over another

  • How to create a collage with a focal point, and one with no focal point

  • How to use rubber stamping in 3 different ways, to add layers to your work

  • How to take a collage from an artist you admire and deconstruct it to make your own

Included is a library of vintage images.

You get access to more than 10 pages of printables to cut or tear out and use in your collage work. You can use the pieces exactly as they are placed in the lessons, or you can switch them up, or use your own.

Can you imagine how thrilled you'll be when you're holding your finished gluebook?